We have an experienced and dedicated sourcing team who pride themselves on being able to source a wide range of products. We understand that getting the best price for our clients is critical whilst never sacrificing on design, materials, performance and quality. We are here to help our clients build their brand to the next level so that it really can be the best in the market.


We understand that quality is key and we strive to ensure that all of our suppliers meet strict social compliance standards whilst at the same time not relinquishing product sustainability. Our dedicated team of inspectors and technicians work closely with our suppliers to provide quality assurance. They check that adequate quality controls are in place every step of the production process including thorough in-line and pre-shipment checks.


Clients can depend on us to define and monitor critical paths, we oversee and plan each step of the way from sampling through to shipment. Our logistics team carefully monitor inventory, and meet the transport and shipping needs of every client. Timely deliveries are as important to us as our clients.